Surveying Services

Boundary Survey
In a boundary survey, we develop evidence as to the location of one or more property boundary lines. Then there are a number of options available, per the client’s request. We can flag existing boundary monuments, mark the property line and/or reset any missing monuments.

Boundary Line Adjustment
In a boundary line adjustment, the common line between two adjoining parcels of land can be adjusted, or changed, subject to approval by the relevant governmental jurisdiction, as long as no new parcel is created.

Minor Land Division
This is the division of one parcel into several parts. The rules governing Minor Land Divisions vary with county and municipality in Arizona, so it is necessary to check with the governing jurisdiction prior to commencing a project such as this.

ALTA/ACSM Land Title Survey
This is a survey that shows the boundary of a parcel of land, as well as the location of any easements affecting the property and the location of physical improvements

FEMA Elevation Certificate

Mining Claim Staking

Photocontrol Survey